Why ROBA is Special

The ROBA heavy duty mesh laundry bag is different. You might think a mesh laundry bag is not a unique product, but ROBA is in a class of its own.



With around 400 liters of volume, a ROBA is twice as big as even the typical extra large mesh laundry bag! Designed wholly with the capability to shepherd an entire load of your laundry from dirty to dry.


A ROBA is shaped like a cylinder unlike the typical flat pack design of mesh laundry bags. This means your clothes will never bunch up in the washer or dryer ensuring the clean and dryness you'd expect from a normal wash.


A big mesh bag is useless without sturdy straps to carry it to your laundry room. And bags with drawstrings only twist and tangle in a spin cycle. That's why ROBAs are made with a robust zipper and sturdy shoulder straps. You won't find both of these on your average mesh laundry bag.


All ROBAs come with 5 silicone rubber agitator balls which spread your laundry apart in the washer and dryer to ensure good cleaning and drying. Unlike a typical dryer ball these never have to leave your hamper because they never soak up water in the wash.

Every detail of ROBA is designed to easily wash and dry an entire load of your laundry without a hiccup, something that no other mesh laundry bag can do. That's why we had to give it a name of its own!